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No Background Academy of Exquisite Minds

Science sparks interest! Learning about connections, problem solving, forming judgement, curiosity, and abstract thinking. We demonstrate this with projects and weekly experiments.

Technology is the new way of learning and accessing information. Using technology in school it helps turn multiple things into interactive and fun activities. Our students will explore tools, machines and games weekly. 

Engineering helps our students develop early concepts they can build on as they grow. One of those concepts are 'tools help people do things better'. Some activities include building structures and asking "How does it work?" with 100s of investigations. 

Art = Creativity 

The arts help our students express themselves and be creative. No matter if it is through Arts+Crafts, Music and even play.

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Early math is just as important as early reading. Building counting skills and discussing results helps create understanding. We will identify, sort, weigh, create patterns, compare and contrast, and use counting activities to advance this skill